You can’t change the world alone.  You need a Team.  We call it a tribe of Souls on Fire.  Each person on this page has been trained and certified with THE DEEPER PATH message.  Connect with them and you will be Ignited.  Or pull up a chair.  We have room at our table. (Interact with one of our team members. Click on MY OPUS to check out their clarity.)




Kary has a burning passion—igniting souls. Through his writing, speaking, and coaching, he helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they are here, and where they should invest their time and energy. He is the founder of Redeem the Day, which serves the business community, and Igniting Souls, which serves the non-profit community. The author of several books,  he and his wife Kelly are blessed with 3 amazing children.



David spent 13 years as an analyst in the banking industry before God took his life in a new direction. A few years ago he moved with his wife Christiane and 3 kids to Columbus, OH where he met Kary and helped launch the Your Secret Name and DEEPER PATH Teams. David utilizes his talents for strategy and planning to help others reach their full potential. David is committed to teaching truth through blogging, writing, and speaking. Rare for OH, David is an Iowa Hawkeye fan.

Sarah Oberbrunner



Sarah has spent the past 15 years in a leadership role for a multi billion dollar company. She has a passion for developing others and servant leadership. She is currently the Director of Events where she is able to utilize her strong organizational skill set. During her free time Sarah enjoys volunteering for numerous organizations. (Kary is lucky to have his sister on his team.)



Carla Andrews Resized



Contact Carla

As a Teacher, Coach, Mentor, and Speaker, Carla Andrews has the passion to work with leaders on how to navigate critical issues that impact them professionally and personally.

With leadership skills in the Corporate, Government, Education, Small Business, Non-Profit, and Ministries arenas, Carla can draw from her business experience of over 20 years in the areas of business start-ups, training, systems, processes, culture and team development and in leading innovative organizational change.

Carla received her Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Florida.  She resides in South Florida with her husband, where they are raising their three children.




Founder of Cup of Hope Tea Society, motivational public speaker & certified biblical counselor, Desiree has a passion to help people to embrace their individual worth & divine calling. Author of the children’s story book collection One Upon a Tea Pot, teaching as The Tea Lady, she is a Princess with a Purpose. She teachers etiquette and Character Education at a host of schools both public and private. She has been brewing up magic for young children for nearly 10 years. Entertaining at numerous venues from Children’s Museums to Barnes & Noble and everywhere in between. Desiree wears many hats. She is a guest speaker for Mops International & various women’s events around the country. She resides with her husband & children in Burlington County New Jersey.




Contact Kaelyn As an author, coach, and speaker Kaelyn has a unique ability to create space and walk people through a process that allows them to see the limits they have placed on themselves while challenging them to move past those limits into their ultimate potential. Kaelyn has held teaching and leadership roles dating back to her teenage years, always having a passion for seeing others grow with HOPE and find their true purpose. Kaelyn and her husband Scott mentor married couples as well. “We have worked hard at keeping our marriage a place of growth, transparency and mutual encouragement and have been successful at leading other couples through the same process giving them the ability to create the marriage that they desire!” Kaelyn is also a part of the Your Secret Name Team.



Scott is passionate about getting the most out of life and always up for an adventure or an intense morning workout.  He is a Founding Partner of The Deeper Path Team and excels in leadership, sales, and marketing with a passion for finding solutions to complexities in all areas of life. The Deeper Path process has helped him answer the big question, “Why am I here” in his career, marriage, and as a father. Scott loves to help others take a deeper look into their lives and walk alongside them while they answer the essential questions of their own lives. Scott lives just west of Chicago, Illinois with his wife Kaelyn, sons Jackson, Noah, and pup Benson.



Jessica is a truly creative person, with a passion for innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development. She enjoys helping others develop and expand their capabilities, identify and improve their strengths and create strategies to achieve their life projects. She is a columnist for one of the national newspaper in her country and runs her own Coaching, Training and Speaking Company. Jessica is a founding Partner on the John Maxwell Team, The Deeper Path Team as well as the Richard St. John team from Canada. She is a happily married to Gustavo and blessed to be the mother of two boys. More information about Jessica in



Frances has been a life-long entrepreneur and teacher at heart.  She received her B.S. in Nursing from Ohio State University but soon realized through alternative methods another path to healing where Fran’s Living Foods was born.  She was able to clarify her business purpose “Awaken, Anew and Achieve holistic health through the power of Living Food.  Kary has been a life changing igniter in her life as she is a Founding Partner of both Your Secret Name Team and the Deeper Path Team. Frances resides near Worthington, Ohio with her wonderful college girls and an amazing son. For more information about her creative passion contact Frances at



Bob’s passion is to partner with wounded people to enter life again. He has committed his life to help people scarred by painful experiences to rise up dynamically engaging back into life, wiser, renewed, restored and passionate about living, and loving once again. His commitment to the OPUS path is one of the many parts of this partnership. Bob is also a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team, where he coaches, trains and speaks to individuals, teams and organizations about personal development, and leadership. Bob resides in the Edmonton area of Alberta, Canada, where he adores his children and grandchildren, watches hockey in the winter and plays golf in the summer. For more information visit Listen to Bob speak about The Deeper Path process in a radio interview: [powerpress url=” Claxton Radio Interview.mp3″]



Mike Clevenger is a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team and has been a speaker, trainer and coach to fraternal and volunteer organizations for many years. The Deeper Path has enabled him to find his true voice and sometimes in an off-beat and humorous way, provide a message that will help individuals and organizations discover creativity. Mike likes to challenge people to step off their well-worn path, use their imagination to Think Outside the Blah®, and leave a trail of inspirational leadership. Mike resides in Worthington Ohio with his wife Luanne (who has put up with him for 36 years) and they have a son, Wade, who lives in Annapolis, Maryland.

Diane Cole




Contact Diane Diane’s passion to help bring out the best in others to achieve great results led her to join the John Maxwell Team. There, she met Kary and engaged in authoring her OPUS. Now, as a member of The Deeper Path Team, she has a burning desire to bless millions around the world, particularly youth, with a voice of hope, love and compassion.  Encouraging and leading them through the Deeper Path process, to help heal hurt – unleashing their potential. Diane has a B.S. in Business Management, is Green Belt certified in Six Sigma practices, and has obtained Competent Communicator and Competent Leader certifications as a member of Toastmasters International.  During her career, she has led teams in a global environment for two Fortune 100 companies. Diane is the mother of two teenage girls.

Bethany Connor Resized




Contact Bethany Bethany Connor is passionate about awakening authentic leaders. Through speaking, facilitating, & coaching she supports the transformation process of individuals and organizations in creating culture change from the inside out. Bethany struggled through her own journey of finding her authenticity. She suffered through two years of severe depression and a life time of low self-worth and co-dependency hidden behind the mask of perfection. Through that struggle her strength was born. Now a transformed woman, her passion is to support others in their journey of self-discovery and in re-kindling the latent dreams buried deep within their hearts.




Deb is a Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker;  a Founders Circle Member of both the John Maxwell Team and The Deeper Path Team. She has been a servant leader in the retail field for 29 years. For the past 15 years she has been instrumental in developing, training, and mentoring promising leaders who were seeking ways to improve their leadership skills, and influencing them both professionally and personally. She is passionate about inspiring and equipping people to live their life by their design not by default! Deb continues to strive towards building a foundation of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life to have the energy to live her life by her design!  Deb resides in Charlotte, North Carolina where she also competes on a Nationally ranked Kettle bell team, spends time with her 2 nieces, has a  cat, Sinatra, and loves to travel.




Nathan unlocks ideas through a proven process for sustained creativity. He is a certified professional in learning & performance (CPLP) with experience designing learning products across multiple industries. His background as a Fortune 500 content designer, author, musician, professor, and non-profit president illustrates the power of embracing our unique focus and flow. Nathan recognizes how environments either bolster or block progress. He joined The Deeper Path community after experiencing his OPUS firsthand. Nathan is married and resides outside Philadelphia.



Louise is passionate about empowering individuals to overcome their self-limiting obstacles through self-investment strategies.  She is hugely committed to the success of others with strong compassion.  Louise is in pursuit of energizing and motivating others to discover the joy within and to realize their dreams.  Louise herself was motivated by Kary and his power to ignite souls to achieve clarity with the OPUS process in the The Deeper Path.  It is Louise’s dedication to embrace the fuel inside you that is greater than any obstacle. Louise has a BA in Management Information Systems and over 20 years experience in “Corporate America”. Louise is a certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker The Deeper Path. Louise is a Mother of a terrific son!



Daniel is determined to enjoy life with purpose. He is an author, business and personal coach, and leadership trainer. His business experience extends back to 1979 as the founder of a successful national and international business. As a Core Team member of The Deeper Path and Founding Member of The John Maxwell Team he desires to assist others in finding their purpose by igniting, lifting and expanding them into defining their OPUS. Daniel resides in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina with his wife Debra and their three children. For more information visit



Dave Ferguson is a Change Agent, Coach, and Speaker who specializes in energizing, enlarging, and empowering leaders.   Dave has multiple certifications and is also founder and CEO at Synergy Coaching & Consulting Group, LLC. “Over the years I have learned through my unique experiences, in business and life, that leadership and accountability are the key elements that must be present in effective organizations. I have owned small businesses, and I spent 20 years as an executive in the corporate world. I am blessed to be able to utilize my God-given talents to coach and teach others how to become more effective leaders and reach their professional and personal goals.” Dave is also a popular newspaper columnist and blogger. gives people and avenue to ask questions and have them answered for all to learn from.

Pat Gano2



Contact Pat Pat is an author, leadership trainer, coach, and speaker.  Her unique background qualifies her to help both profit and non-profit corporations, student body groups, churches and individuals clarify who they are and to create a plan of action resulting in significant success. Using her OPUS, Pat founded ‘Freeing Souls to Soar’, the materials from which form the basis of her Coaching and her Cohorts. She is a member of both the DEEPER PATH TEAM  and the YOUR SECRET NAME TEAM. Pat’s life governing principles come from Isaiah 54:10 (NIV). Pat resides in Upper Arlington, OH with her beloved husband Pete.  She and Pete are blessed with two amazing children and six outstanding grandchildren.

Pete Gano Headshot



Contact Pete Pete is retired from a career in Higher Education, having taught at The Ohio State University and at Grace College. He continues to be an Emeritus Faculty member of OSU. He has coached, guided, taught, and otherwise helped many young persons ‘Get On The Right Track’ in the pursuit of their higher education goals. He has also been married to his lovely bride, Pat, for more than fifty years, and in the course of that part of his life, he has also coached, and has helped couples, especially husbands, ‘Get On The Right Track.’ His plan is to continue to grow these coaching and consulting aspects of this part of his career through The Deeper Path and Your Secret Name by working with individuals, and groups. Pete and Pat live in Columbus, Ohio and are truly blessed with a great family.

Janie Garber2



Contact Janie

Janie’s adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit has led her to do many things in life, but she found her niche when she became a Life Coach. She specializes in empowering individuals, couples, and leaders to gain clarity, eliminate obstacles, set goals, and create margins to bring vibrancy, authenticity, and wholeness into their lives.  Because of what the God has done in her own life, Janie confidently walks alongside people who have faced great hardship and struggles, knowing that He is the full Restorer of our souls. Janie is a team member of Your Secret Name and The Deeper Path. She and her husband, Ken, live in Los Angeles and love being married for life! For more information, visit



Jim is a Certified Coach, Teacher & Speaker; a Founders Circle Member of both The Deeper Path and The John Maxwell Team; and is soon to be certified by the Lead Like Jesus movement. He is passionately investing in people – helping them lead more fully awake and enriched lives. After earning his degree, Jim spent 30 years as Director of Recruiting with two national retailers and founder of a successful 20-person recruiting firm. He and his wife have been married for 30+ years, raised four sons, and are very active in their parish, including being Marriage Mentors to engaged couples.



Nancy’s dream is to expose students’ big ideas by nourishing their designs and guiding their intentions.  Nancy is passionate about coaching college age students and young adults to become enlightened and excited about what’s ahead for their careers.  She helps students create a future based on living with intention and purpose.  Nancy’s hope is to restore mindsets from self-limiting beliefs to creative and unlimited, passionate and confident even idealistic. Nancy has her M.Ed in Counseling and over 20 years of coaching and training experience in corporate environments. Nancy has clarified her purpose by authoring her OPUS as a part of The Deeper Path Cohort process.  She is a certified Coach, Trainer, and Speaker with The Deeper Path Team. For more information, visit Nancy Gilbertson.



Danny is a former Army Drill Sergeant, a Vietnam veteran, and served as a Senior Pastor for 25 years, ten of those years included being Superintendent of a Christian School and Pre-school. He was a Senior Consultant with John Maxwell’s INJOY Group from 2000-2006.  He then founded Glover Consulting Services. He coaches, trains, and speaks in the areas of relationship skills, personal growth, and leadership development. Danny’s passion is working with individuals, organizations, and groups, helping them discover and maximize their potential. Danny and Dianne have been married for more than forty years, and live in Durham, North Carolina.

Kim Gowdy 



Contact Kim Kim’s heart is that of a Freedom Fighter and Truth Teller and her purpose is “Connecting People to a Love that is Calling Their Name”. She has twelve years of experience as an Investment Associate for a major Canadian brokerage firm. Currently she enjoys the flexibility of working from home and pursing her dream of being an author, mentor and coach. Kim studied Business Administration, Adult Training and Development and was a volunteer Dale Carnegie Business Coach. Kim is thankful to be a part of the Deeper Path Team and have the opportunity to connect others to this life transforming process. Kim is married and she and her husband are blessed with two beautiful children.



Rick has two decades of experience helping people identify and implement the actions needed to achieve the right results the right way. He has skillfully coached leaders, teams and individuals at all levels in an array of industries. He is dedicated to his clients’ success, and his genuine care is reflected in his client-driven approach to coaching. His greatest strengths include his ability to actively and critically listen, to thoroughly assess a situation to develop objective insight, and to communicate with credibility and trustworthiness.  Rick is a certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker and founding partner with the John Maxwell Team. Rick and his wife Joanne have enjoyed an adventurous marriage since 1984 and are richly blessed with three amazing kids.



Barbara has a deep passion for helping people discover their potential and their purpose.   She enjoys empowering individuals and organizations by helping them gain clarity, overcome obstacles and experience breakthroughs.   Barbara has her own coaching, teaching and speaking company and is a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, and The Deeper Path Team. In her free time she enjoys gardening, walking, kayaking and fishing.   She lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia with her husband and two sons.



Mike lives to master the Art of Living, to LIFT and lead others to a path of higher-purpose and self-awareness. He lives to… GROW, to challenge himself, to challenge others to see things differently. He lives to be a force of change and re-cast a vision for how we live and lead our lives. He lives to LIFT and help others step away from an old learning model, an old pattern of behavior and CROSS the LINE to a new, more self-aware and fulfilling way of life and leadership. He lives and “works” to IGNITE others to a higher-purpose, LIFTing toward action, excellence and purpose for their life. For more information about Mike check out and

Billy Harris



Contact Billy Leading the way to help others find their why, Billy is driven to inspire and empower others to realize their full potential. After serving in the United States Army, Billy spent six years as a correctional officer in a maximum security prison, followed by three years as both an adult and juvenile probation officer. Since entering the business world, in addition to excelling in over a decade as a sales professional with a leading Fortune 100 company, he is a successful business owner and real estate investor with proven experience leading sales teams. Billy is also a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team. Through his writing, speaking, and coaching, he helps individuals and organizations find their unique purpose, fulfill their potential, and achieve success. Billy and his wife, Melissa, are blessed to be the parents of three wonderful daughters.



Kelly Renee’ is passionate about empowering individuals to transform their mind-sets from stronghold to significance. Kelly is a change agent that will empower individuals to understand why they think the way they do and help transform their beliefs to a more positive outlook on self and environment. Kelly came to this awareness by going through the OPUS process (The Deeper Path). It is Kelly’s focus to help individuals see that the world doesn’t happen to them, but we each happen to the world! Kelly has a BS in Human Environmental Sciences and over 15 years experience in the human service field. Kelly is a certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker and founding partner with the John Maxwell Team. Kelly is blessed with two amazing children.



Contact LaurieLaurie Hock empowers people to live Life at Full Capacity! Laurie truly believes
everyone has amazing giftedness and purpose. It’s her calling to help people and organizations experience growth and transformation through discovery of their
design, development and destiny!

Laurie is a Personal Development and Leadership Coach, Speaker and Author who created the business Growing Points, as a result of completing her OPUS. She is also a member of the John Maxwell Team.

Laurie’s contagious smile energizes and encourages others wherever she goes. Laurie resides in North Platte, Nebraska where she is living Life at Full Capacity with her husband and their three young children.




Tamika Hodges is a gifted actor, singer, dramatist, writer, speaker and spoken word artist. She is a graduate of COSC with a Bachelor’s degree in music and sociology. Called the next Oprah Winfrey by college professors because of her ability to connect with people quickly and get people’s life story in less than 30 minutes. “I believe that all people have a story to tell and I desire to help them unearth their story, expose the truth and help them clearly articulate it.” As drama co-director for Image young adult ministries she directs, mentors and write scripts for the drama team and coaches people to do the same. My PURPOSE: Restoring 20/20 insight: by helping people see themselves through a new set of eyes.



Elias has a dream to positively impact 1 million households around the world, where he’s committed to work with passionate, smart and ambitious people who want to take control of their lives and fulfill their God-given potential.  He dreams about creating a space where people leave the mind-set of “self-limiting beliefs” and transition to the mind-set of “exceeding abundance”, where they gain the freedom and power to multiply significant value into others who need their help. Elias runs his own Coaching, Training and Speaking Company from New Zealand, utilizing technology to support and service his growing base of international clients. He also serves on the President’s Advisory Council within the John Maxwell Team and a Faculty Member of the Your Secret Name Team.  For more information visit



Joel Kessel is a strategic communications and public relations consultant who works with organizations that desire a SMARTer way to communicate their story to those who matter. He does this by helping organizations define and deliver their message, urging leadership and decision makers to think differently about their organization, and challenging their perceptions about how they communicate their story. Joel is a member of The Ohio State University’s Varsity “O” Men’s Alumni Association, is a founding member of the Ohio Interactive Awards, and serves as a mentor for the 10-xelerator new ventures incubator at OSU’s Fisher College of Business. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations. He resides with his wife and two children in Dublin, Ohio.

Dale Knisley



Contact DaleDale A. Knisley is the Founder/Apostle of NewBridge Church located in the great city of Dayton Ohio. Dale and his wife Jessica planted NewBridge Church in the summer of 2013 after a sixteen year journey with spiritual father, mentor and friend John R. Ramsey.

After going through the Deeper path process and authoring his OPUS Dale found another piece to reaching the full potential of his purpose. Dale launched Living Legends Nation with a team of tribal leaders ready to impact generations. Dale A. Knisley is now walking in his purpose, building leaders that have impact today, tomorrow and forever.



Jeff is a successful executive, change agent and leader with a passion for helping to make others successful. He spent nearly 30 years in executive and leadership positions in a public works engineering and construction career, along the way earning multiple professional licenses and credentials, and receiving recognition and awards for his service. His most satisfying moments, though, came from helping others to achieve their success. In 2012 Jeff was designated a Public Works Leadership Fellow by the American Public Works Association, one of only 286 worldwide. Jeff turned this passion into his calling in 2013 by founding Ascension Leadership Group, LLC. Now a certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker on both the John Maxwell Team and the Deeper Path Team, Jeff focuses on encouraging, equipping and empowering others to reach new heights. For more information visit



Barbara’s passion is to meet people at the point of truth and to help them bridge the gap between who they are and who they were created to be.  She is an executive coach, speaker, and trainer and founding partner with The John Maxwell Team. After 28 years of practicing law and finding herself “stagnant in success” she has discovered her OPUS as a Founding Partner of The Deeper Path Team.  Her life journey is now committed to helping others live from potential to manifested purpose. Barbara and her husband Frederick (27 years) have two daughters.  For more information visit

Tony Lynch



Contact Tony Tony is a leader and an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience. Having led various teams for over 30 years, as well as leading his own successful real estate business, he can deliver valuable insight in how to grow a business and develop teams. As a Christian, Tony is very focused in bringing the very best out of people. His training and vision, has enabled many to grow into leadership roles. Not only is Tony a trainer, coach and speaker for the John Maxwell Team, he is also the founder of Keep Thinking BIG. He helps to create winning mindsets for successful, fulfilled and significant lives. To find out more visit



Debi has a burning passion is to help you discover your own uniqueness, so you can make the difference only you can make in this world.  Through her speaking, coaching, and writing, she inspires, empowers, emboldens, and adds value to those around her.

Debi has more than 15 years of experience as a senior level executive with a career focused in the financial services industry.  She holds an MBA from the University of Miami. Debi is a Certified Speaker, Coach, Trainer with the John Maxwell Team member. Most significantly, she is a wife to her husband, Michael, of 16 years and mother to their three very special children.



Adam possesses a wide range of experience both in managing and sales; from small family owned companies to multi-billion dollar organizations. He is passionate about fueling leader’s dreams by creating high performing teams. He holds extensive knowledge in managing a multi-generation workforce and speaks regularly on the topic. A managing partner of  VisionSpark, a consulting firm that specializes in finding companies superstar employees. For more info visit Adam lives in Dublin, Ohio with his wife Chanelle, sons Hudson, Harrison and a yellow lab Griffey. He is a member of Vineyard Community Church and a member of Thirst Relief International’s board of directors.



Tammy is committed to life-long learning and this quest has landed her as a Founding Member of both The Deeper Path Team and the John Maxwell Team where she is a certified speaker, teacher, trainer and coach. Going through the process of authoring her OPUS has helped her find her true voice and step boldly into her purpose.  She has a passion for encouraging and inspiring others to unlock their potential; recognize their gifts, talents & abilities; and empowering them to move from a place of stagnation to living fully engaged with intentionality and purpose for God’s glory. She resides in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband Marcus and they enjoy spoiling their grandson every chance they get! For more information, connect with Tammy here.



Linda is passionate about creating a space where people feel safe to be real. Where people find common ground and new perspective when they are in conflict with one another. Where people explore new insights in places they feel stuck and discover breakthrough solutions that open doors to their potential. Linda owns Breakthrough Solutions and has been a coach, speaker and trainer in the business world for 20 years. She is a Faculty Member of the Deeper Path Team and a Founding Partner of the Your Secret Name Team. Linda is a certified coach, speaker, trainer and Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team. Linda teams up with her husband Troy to coach married couples and ministry leaders. They live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with their three children.



Ruth Pierce is an Oklahoma native who now resides in Kansas. She has backgrounds in both education and human resources. Her passion is to help develop people—the common thread between the two seemly different backgrounds. Her focus is creating safe environments for growth. She brings to her coaching the necessary elements for growth that have taken her several years to find. She is untying herself from the hurts weighing her down. Her time to fly is now.  She is flying towards her potential. She invites you to fly along with her. Is your time to fly now?



Pam Pippin is recognized as an expert certified HR Professional and has been doing HR work in Eastern NC for over 15 years.  Her passion is to inspire people by creating an environment where they can discover their purpose, ignite their passion, and power their potential.  Going through The Deeper Path helped her narrow her focus and direct her time and attention to ONLY those things that fit into her direct purpose. Pam is a Founding Partner on the John Maxwell TeamThe Deeper Path Team as well as the Your Secret Name Team.  Her company P-Inc is quickly becoming recognized as a true source of power in Eastern NC, bringing high energy to your organization through individual and group coaching, masterminding, team building, keynote speaking, leadership training and HR Consulting. Her faith in God is her ultimate power source along with her wonderful family.




Contact LauraLaura Prisc has a burning desire to help others grow and she firmly believes the place to start is with self-awareness and intentionality. Through her coaching, teaching, and speaking Laura helps individuals, teams, entrepreneurs, and organizations discover themselves, identify what holds meaning in their lives, and raise the level of their performance. She is committed to helping others discover their purpose, define their dreams, and create the lives they long for thru reflection, focused thinking, and intentional action. The author of The “What Matters Most” Manifesto; certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker thru both the John Maxwell and Deeper Path Teams; and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Laura is well equipped to accompany you on your self-discovery journey. Prior to her work in personal development, Laura worked as a professional communicator in a variety of industries for nearly 25 years. She and her family live in West Virginia. Visit Laura at

Elmer Querubin



Contact Elmer Elmer loves to put “extra” into your “ordinary”. He turns managers into leaders and transforms leaders into legends. He is a certified speaker, trainer, and coach for the Deeper Path and John Maxwell teams, and is a 48 Days Endorsed Coach. He shares his OPUS of pioneering your purpose and seizing your platform through his company, Cherub Coaching Solutions. Elmer is gifted in drawing greatness from others. His primary focus groups are leaders, coaches, teachers, and speakers who want to gain clarity on their purpose, explore their platform, and multiply their success. For over 14 years, he has coached ministries, non-profit, private, and government organizations through life-changing leadership development. He has helped leaders discover their unique talents and attain work and life fulfillment. He specializes in changing transactional relationships into transformational relationships creating a more harmonious and productive workforce.



Contact Debbie

Debbie Rarick, DMin, CCLC, Founder of You See Me Free Ministries, serves on the board of Life+Guard Ministries, leads various support group ministries in central Texas, and collaborates with leaders of local churches to empower ministry to the broken.  She holds a DMin from Truett Seminary at Baylor University, and began her own recovery journey in 1997.

Debbie’s personal faith in Christ and recovery journey are chronicled in her book, You See Me Free: Steps on a Journey of Faith, Through Fear, Beyond Forgiveness and Into Freedom.  Contact Debbie for more information.

Debbie enjoys resting, traveling, playing guitar, crocheting, fishing, and community.


Mary Riesberg



Contact Mary

“Unleash your purpose and passion to release your vision and voice.” As a well-recognized communication skills expert, speaker, life and leadership coach, and author, Mary Riesberg shares her 24 years of experience empowering individuals and organizations to serve at their highest potential.  Mary understands that personal growth transmits to positive change in all areas of your life and organization.   She is ready to take you and your team down The Deeper Path. Mary is a founding partner of the John C. Maxwell Leadership Team and a Certified Christian Life Coach.  She is the author of, ‘God, Me and My Hula-Hoop: Finding Balance and Momentum in Your Walk with Christ’ and ‘7 Secrets to Successful Presentations.’ Start the process of growth and change today!   Visit Mary at

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By nature a striver, Gill’s renewed purpose is “disentangling genius from frustration to creative and expressive liberty!” Having untangled her own story, she assists individuals and teams in making sense of their inhibited desires. Drawing from wide experience with people in situations of need, crisis in health or well-being, academic, clinical and pastoral practice or pioneering community work; personally touched by relational and institutional containment, Gill has a compassionate feel for those who self-doubt, feel slighted, overlooked, misunderstood or abused.  Gill’s flair for disentangling potential, gift, passion and strategic direction will help set a meaningful course of action for fulfillment, will clarify, inspire and encourage.



Barry has found his passion and purpose in “building what matters.”  What matters is people and as a coach, speaker, trainer and author, Barry has a vision to help others discover and live out the life they were designed to live.  To be an agent of change that facilitates significant and lasting growth. Barry and his wife Michelle have two sons in college and live just east of Portland, Oregon. Barry is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team and currently serves on their President’s Advisory Council.  For more information, visit



Chris is a Founding Member of both The Deeper Path Team and the John Maxwell Team, where he is certified as a coach, speaker, and leadership trainer. He has a passion to minister life and hope to a lost and dying world with the good news of Jesus Christ, and has traveled to four continents to share the Gospel and encourage thousands of men, women and young adults. Chris is dedicated to helping others find their purpose, ignite their passion and unleash their true potential. Chris lives with his wife in Durham, NC and has four adult children.

John Toth



Contact JohnJohn Toth spent most of his life investing into small communities, small churches and small business environments where he developed a passion for relationships.

As a young man John struggled relationally with isolation, anger and depression. Now he is an influence that is full of love and life. After fighting through a troubled economy and overcoming a struggling business partnership, John decided to make his passion a priority and venture out on his own in serving the business community.

This led to the birth of With All Your Heart. A dream became visible and now through writing, coaching and speaking, he helps individuals and organizations see people clearly and position themselves powerfully in order to increase their relational impact and influence. He and his wife Jill are blessed with three amazing children and live in Columbus Ohio (the heart of it all).



Fran Veal is an encourager, coach and speaker who helps individuals reconnect with their dreams so they can impact the world. One of her favorite quotes is from the Eagles’ song Already Gone – “So often times it seems like that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key.” Fran is committed to helping people find the key to unlocking their full potential. In addition to coaching, Fran has published two YA novels and has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul. Fran resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee with her husband, daughter, and one snarky cat. You can find out more about Fran at


Brian Wagner



Contact Brian Brian Wagner is the father of three and the husband of one.  Before that he was the youngest of ten and the giver to none. During the course of his life there have been physical, relational, financial and mental challenges.  During these times of challenge he has had special people in his life to “carry” him.  The Deeper Path’s author, Kary Oberbrunner, has been one of these people. Now, it’s Brian’s turn.  He wants to show people how he has dealt with life’s obstacles and “carry” them to give them HOPE.  These obstacles can come in varying forms.  The important thing to Brian is that they direct you and don’t define you. Find out more about Brian at




Tim is a youth speaker and writer. He has been in full-time youth ministry for 6 years and frequently speaks at schools, conferences and youth gatherings. Tim is also the high school pastor at a 10,000 member church in Atlanta Georgia. Tim’s greatest passion is propelling young people to their next level through the interchange of ideas. Tim does this by engaging students where they are but not letting them stay there. He published his first book in 2010 called Becoming who you are made to be. He currently lives outside of Atlanta with his wife and young son.

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Laura’s purpose and vision:  Unleashing abundance so that together we can make good work.  For over 28 years, she has promoted individual philanthropy and raised the level of excellence in nonprofit organizations. She is an internet radio show host, the author of Unleashed Abundance – The Fundraiser’s Manifesto and a contributing thinker to philanthropy blogs, forums and groups throughout the United States.  In addition, she shares her expertise in systems, technology, and community-building through her own training programs for nonprofit leaders. Laura lives in Ohio, where she is surrounded by beauty and her 5 remarkable children.



Andy loves to spark joy by helping people awaken their soul.  His principle focus is working with those that are functioning below their potential and inspiring them to find joy by establishing identity, discovering purpose, and releasing for mission.  Andy’s experience in starting and developing non-profit organizations, broad professional skills, and work with people from all walks of life uniquely position him to connect with people and coach them for growth and impact. He lives with his wife and four children in Columbus, OH and loves reading, nature, investing time with family and his church, and anything related to Penn State football.

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Throughout her life, Deborah has been passionate to see others live up to their potential, and pursue dreams and goals that are higher than their current mode of thinking allows. She exhorts others to “come up higher,” even as she pursues ever greater challenges in her own life.  Deborah motivates others to pursue life holistically: to address not just the needs of the mind, but of the body, soul, and spirit, understanding that the health of each part contributes to success as a whole.  All of these strengths and passions were brought into clarity of focus and purpose as she authored her OPUS on The Deeper Path.  Now, as a Founding Partner on the Deeper Path Team, she empowers others to TAKE ON LIFE, CONQUER obstacles, and awaken the WARRIOR within. Deborah lives outside of Houston with her husband, adult children, granddaughter, and mother. For more information visit




Martyn believes we are all created with treasure inside of us; his mission and mandate is to uncover the treasure and excavate the brilliance within. As a published author, coach, and speaker his goal is to assist those who have lost their voice, vision, and value to recover their identity, impact, and influence; so that they may speak, soar, and shine.

Martyn’s passion for transformation within himself and others led him to become a founding partner in the John Maxwell Team. It was through this connection he was introduced to Kary and preceded upon his own journey along the Deeper Path. Martyn lives with his wife Jennifer and their two cats Maggie and Mia in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. For further information visit




Tracy Worley is the Founder of Selkirk Coaching and Training Group, a Montana based company. Tracy’s positive outlook on life, and passion for adding value to others, led her to become a Founding Partner and Certified Coach with Dr. John Maxwell and a Founding Partner with Kary Oberbrunner’s The Deeper Path Team. Tracy gracefully inspires and empowers people to their infinite potential.  Tracy’s innovative style brings fresh perspective to personal and professional development through workshops, keynote speaking, and coaching. Tracy moves individuals and organizations in the desired direction to achieving purpose, passion, and the success they deserve. Tracy is an award winning speaker, coach, corporate trainer, syndicated radio host for “Grace Break”, and will launch her first book From Grace to Red Shoe Courage, in April 2013.

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Contact RandyRandy’s desire is to help others re-awaken dreams & re-discover purpose. His journey includes stints  as a teacher, coach, radio personality, stand up comic and pastor. In all of those, the common thread is the desire to add value to others, to encourage and inspire people to overcome their challenges.

It was inevitable that Randy eventually join the John Maxwell Team, and as a result, The Deeper Path Team. Randy has co-authored 2 books. He and his wife Monica speak nationwide and facilitate Marriage Enrichment Events.

They have 3 grown children, and split time between Chico, California & Maui, Hawaii.  Find out more about Randy at