Enroll in a Deeper Path Cohort™ and get clarity on the purpose for your life.  Experience what it means to live from your passion and be fully alive.  Understand what it means to be a soul on fire.  Read below to discover what you get when you join.


Being part of The Deeper Path Cohort was like "coming out of the fog". I knew that I had to go deeper to get clarity on how to express my dream but I didn't know how.  The Deeper Path Cohort coached me into clarity which lead to the pursuit of my dream with a passion that only comes from knowing exactly where you are going and a plan to get there.  My business has doubled since completing my OPUS.  I highly recommend this Cohort be your "first" stop on your way to your big dream.  I am honored and privileged to be a part of this team with a world class coach like Kary as we help people change lives. Barbara Littles, Saginaw, Michigan

"I started the Deeper Path Cohort just after learning my job had been eliminated. I had just relocated my family and was in a state of shock. I was lacking confidence and was not aware of my self-limiting thoughts. The program gave me a better sense of not only who I was but more importantly who I could become. I now have a purpose in life and I am moving forward with clarity, confidence and the courage needed to be successful in my porfessional, personal and spiritual life. " John Krutzler, Columbus, Ohio

This cohort has brought a complete sense of relief into my life. It is the most effective strategy I have come across that has enabled me to align my passion, purpose and personality.  I recommend this experience if you are willing to risk change. Gill Scott, Doncaster, S Yorkshire, United Kingdom

As I worked on my Deeper Path, my life has become filled with clarity and purpose as my OPUS emerged right before my eyes. If this can happen for me (and each member of our group) then the sky is the limit of how lives will change as we partner with others to find their Masterpiece! I tell everyone about it because they see and hear the difference. I am humbled to be on this life changing team. Bob Claxton, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Kary is a remarkable individual that I have had the great pleasure to work with through The Deeper Path Cohort. Kary is passionate, creative, and a deep understanding of the human behavior. Kary is extremely engaging and committed to the people he touches. He pushes hard with compassion so that you realize your God given potential, and for that, I am truly blessed that Kary entered my life when he did! The Deeper Path Cohort has changed my life so that I can make my dream a reality. Louise Elliott, Columbus, Ohio

Over the last 4 years I've been struggling to articulate my core message & the uniqueness that it represents. Having attended many seminars & workshops, investing thousands of $$ in the process, I found myself no closer to the answers that I was seeking. Kary Oberbrunner introduced me to the Deeper Path Cohort & I was able to complete a process that was simple to follow, yet powerful and effective. It has given me the clarity that I was seeking. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone. Elias Kanaris, Auckland, New Zealand

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, it is that we wait so long to begin.  If you are feeling this in your own life or in your leadership role, The Deeper Path is your game changer.  If we want to go higher in life we must go deeper with our roots, much like the Redwood roots which burrow deeply into the earth before the tree begins to grow to heights of wonder.  I personally have taken the Deeper Path, and it has changed the trajectory of my purpose in my life and my leadership. Mike Harbour, Little Rock, Arkansas

Don't fail to fully recognize or master the gifts God has bestowed on you. Don't be Mr. Holland, from the movie "Mr. Holland's Opus," who doesn't realize till his teaching days are over what impact he had on his community. It's been a privilege to be apart of the Deeper Path Cohort. This 10 week program has helped me to bring clarity to my lifes' ambitions by identifying and beginning to eliminate the barriers to greater success. Don't waste any more time realizing your lifes' masterpiece. Chaz Fruetel, Columbus, Ohio

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