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If you've lost your way, maybe it's because you've lost your why?
If you've ever wondered if you can actually discover your purpose?
The answer is...
Anyone can become a master in the art of living by following the right process.
The Deeper Path Mini Course helps you discover the clarity, competence, and confidence you crave.
For years I struggled with deep pain
As a kid, I was paralyzed by stuttering, even labeled by professionals as "learning disabled."
As I grew older I fell into an addiction to self-injury, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.
Nobody knew my secret. I survived by wearing a mask.

And unless you find a solution then you're destined to repeat the same pattern.
You'll stay stuck and frustrated. Isn't it time you discovered how to become unhackable?
Stuttering kept me quiet, unable to find my "voice."
Self-injury kept me hiding, wearing a "mask."
Then I met someone who showed me a powerful process
Chet Scott of Built to Lead, coached me through a powerful process that literally shifted my entire life.
I realized by numbing my pain I was also numbing my potential. Sure the experience wasn't always fun.
But by inviting acute pain, I overcame a life of chronic pain.
And in the process, I discovered my purpose...IGNITING SOULS.
Chet Scott introduced me to a powerful process.
Thru the experience I discovered my purpose—Igniting Souls.
Don’t go thru another day without knowing your purpose…
The majority of people invest more time designing a 2-week vacation, than designing their entire lives. But without a plan, we coast through life, feeling lost and directionless. The result? Most of us simply go through the motions. We're dead....we just haven't made it official. It's easy to ignore these costs. But according to Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung:
"The most damaging thing in the life of child, is the unlived life of the parent."
Your perspective matters because you don't see things the way they are, but the way you are. If you feel defeated, discouraged, and disengaged...the world reflects a similar image right back at you. And although you were meant for more, the world isn't going to hand you your purpose on a silver platter. It's your responsibility to become a master in the art of living:
Master in the art of living: Someone who draws no sharp distinction between work and play; labor and leisure; mind and body; education and recreation. They hardly knows which is which. They simply pursue their vision of excellence through whatever they're doing, and leave others to determine whether they're working or playing. To themselves, they always appears to be doing both.  L.P. Jacks
The Deeper Path Mini Course is a step-by-step process to make this desire your reality.
This 100% online learning experience is right for you if:
  •  You would benefit from having a "GPS" for your dreams.
  •  You don’t want to waste time and money making costly mistakes. 
  •  You would benefit from being connected to a coach and community dedicated to your personal and professional success.  
  •  You need the clearest, most direct path that’s also designed for busy people without much margin in their lives. 
Meet your Deeper Path Mini Course Instructor: Kary Oberbrunner
I help individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they are here, and where they should invest their time and energy. I’m the author of 7 books and I've helped thousands of people discover their passion and purpose.
In the Deeper Path Mini Course, through 3 modules, I show you exactly how to create your own OPUS (more on this below). Each module includes content forged from over a dozen years in the industry. I've earned a Master's degree with an emphasis in Counseling and a Doctorate degree in Transformational Leadership. I integrate my deep mastery of ultimate human potential, productivity, and performance in each module. Don’t stress though. I present this rich content in a simple, straightforward style so everybody can understand.
I can help you tap into your potential
Look, I'm a guy who many people wrote off as average and ordinary. As a young man I was so stuck I made it through life by carving the "F" word on my body. If anybody lacked self-belief and self-esteem it was me. However, through the Deeper Path process I've created a non-profit, a 7 figure for-profit business, and 5 industry leading brands. I’ve also written six traditionally published books, ghostwritten three more, and self-published several others (nonfiction and fiction). I've certified over 100 coaches, speakers, and trainers on my content from six continents and over one dozen countries.
I had all this potential inside, but in the beginning I didn't know how to tap into it. Today, through the Deeper Path Mini Course, I help people just like you extract the amazing potential inside you.
Just a few of my books:
Feature interview on the internationally syndicated 700 CLUB, one of the longest running television programs in broadcast history.
Speaking on leadership and Igniting Souls to over 100 nations.
I can help you become more productive
I've heard every excuse in the world. And I'm convinced if you want to look for obstacles, you'll find them every time. But I also believe if you have a big enough WHY and a clear enough PURPOSE, you can overcome that Resistance and create the life of your dreams.
How can I be so sure?

Because I've helped thousands of people achieve their dreams. Through the Deeper Path they've identified what they truly desire AND then they went out and created it. Some of my clients have: started businesses, charities, and causes. Others have earned degrees, certifications, and promotions. Others have left toxic jobs, relationships, and beliefs. Still others have created art, music, and books. A few examples are below.
I can help you develop high performance
Everyone is incredibly motivated. This motivation may just be temporarily pointed in a direction that doesn't serve your highest good. Many people are motivated in an unbalanced way toward food, sex, TV, substances, gossip, etc. This motivation can be tweaked if it's linked with a clear purpose that leads you to the life you truly desire.
Many of our clients tell us The Deeper Path leads them to experience six components that build upon each other. We call it The Deeper Path Payoff:
 Clarity > Competence > Confidence > Influence > Impact > Income
High performance always begins with clarity. Once you're clear, then you can readjust your efforts and energies in the right direction. I've had the privilege of sharing this powerful process with audiences all over the world. And though this online experience I can also share it with you.
What people say about The Deeper Path:
Although we receive thousands of responses from participants after we share this powerful message, below are a few of my favorites.
Being part of the Deeper Path was like "coming out of the fog". I knew that I had to go deeper to get clarity on how to express my dream but I didn't know how. The Deeper Path coached me into clarity which led to the pursuit of my dream with a passion that only comes from knowing exactly where you are going and a plan to get there. My business has doubled since completing my OPUS. I highly recommend this be your "first" stop on your way to your big dream. I am honored and privileged to be a part of this team with a world class coach like Kary as we help change people's lives.
Barbara Littles, Saginaw, Michigan
The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, it is that we wait so long to begin. If you are feeling this in your own life or in your leadership role, The Deeper Path is your game changer. If we want to go higher in life we must go deeper with our roots, much like the Redwood roots which burrow deeply into the earth before the tree begins to grow to heights of wonder. I personally have taken the Deeper Path, and it has changed the trajectory of my purpose in my life and my leadership.
Mike Harbour, Little Rock, Arkansas
No other process has challenged me to dig deep inside to discover my passion and purpose. Participating in the Deeper Path cohort has helped me to develop a clear plan of action and the confidence I need to move directly toward my dreams.
Desiree Arney, Burlington, New Jersey
Kary is a remarkable individual that I have had the great pleasure to work with through The Deeper Path. Kary is passionate, creative, and has a deep understanding of human behavior. Kary is extremely engaging and committed to the people he touches. He pushes hard with compassion so that you realize your God given potential, and for that, I am truly blessed that Kary entered my life when he did! The Deeper Path has changed my life so that I can make my dream a reality.
Louise Elliott, Columbus, Ohio
I highly recommend The Deeper Path. As you go through life there are things that you experience that impact your life. I know when I look back on my life, The Deeper Path will be one of the life-changing experiences that I will list at the top.
Alec Broadfoot, Columbus, Ohio
Just a few of the clients I've coached through the Deeper Path
What other industry leaders say about me:
John Lee Dumas
 Kary is one of the leading authorities...
Entrepreneur on Fire,
a top ranked business podcast.  
Won best of iTunes.
Dan Miller
 Kary's event was a magnificent event that's beyond description.
New York Times
bestselling author
of 48 Days to
the Work You Love.
Ray Edwards
 Kary has written a book; YOU'VE GOT to read this book.
Communication strategist
& copywriter for some of the
most powerful voices in
leadership and business.
Here’s What’s Included:
The Deeper Path Mini Course online learning experience takes place through 3 video modules. Each module contains curriculum, templates, and strategic exercises. Through these modules you will identify your purpose and passion through a powerful framework we call OPUS (© Chet Scott). OPUS is the Latin word for work, meaning "masterpiece."
O = Overarching Vision
P = Purpose
U = Unifying Strategies
S = Scorecard for Significance
You will also have daily access to me through a private coaching community and lifetime access to the content.
Here’s an overview of the 3 modules and 3 bonuses:
Module 01:
The Deeper Path
Steps that let your Hurts lead to your Healing
  • Question your Condition
  • Overcome your Excuses
  • Embody your Healing
Module 02:
Overarching Vision
Time to dive into that dream
  • Remembering your future
  • Revisiting the historical giants
  • Suspending critique and criticism
Module 03:
3 Components of Epic Dreams
Not all dreams are created equal
  • WHO: The someone | Your tribe
  • WHAT: The something | Your cause
  • WHERE: The somewhere | Your space
Deeper Path Mini Course Bonuses
Bonus Training 01:
4 Ways to Attract Better Clients and More of Them
Great clients don't happen by accident
They're a result of 4 components
  • Why most businesses attract bad clients
  • 4 ways to attract the best clients
  • A practical plan for keeping the best clients year after year
Bonus Training 02:
7 Essential Elements for Creating a Killer Coaching Business
C = Clarity
O = Ownership
A = Action
C = Commitment
H = Hungry
E = Example
S = Support
Bonus Training 03:
Why You Need a Social Media Makeover
Learn how to get more people to:
  • Like your posts
  • Be more engaged
  • Buy your stuff
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