The Deeper Path is a Life-Changing Message

The truth is the majority of people invest more time designing a 2-week vacation, than designing their entire lives. Without a plan, they coast through life, feeling lost and directionless. The result is a life of going through the motions. They’re dead; they just haven't made it official.

Although it's easy to ignore these costs, according to Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung:

"The most damaging thing in the life of child, is the unlived life of the parent."

As a Deeper Path Team member, you literally wake up dead people. You help people reconnect with their why and create a life worth living

Imagine being used to literally change someone’s life. It’s a humbling experience and yet as a Deeper Path certified coach, speaker, and trainer, it’s a common experience.

Although we receive thousands of responses from participants after we share this powerful message, below are a few of my favorites.

Being part of the Deeper Path Cohort was like "coming out of the fog".  I knew that I had to go deeper to get clarity on how to express my dream but I didn't know how.  The Deeper Path Cohort coached me into clarity which led to the pursuit of my dream with a passion that only comes from knowing exactly where you are going and a plan to get there.  My business has doubled since completing my OPUS.  I highly recommend this Cohort be your "first" stop on your way to your big dream.  I am honored and privileged to be a part of this team with a world class coach like Kary as we help change people's lives.

Barbara Littles, Saginaw, Michigan

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, it is that we wait so long to begin.  If you are feeling this in your own life or in your leadership role, The Deeper Path is your game changer.  If we want to go higher in life we must go deeper with our roots, much like the Redwood roots which burrow deeply into the earth before the tree begins to grow to heights of wonder.  I personally have taken the Deeper Path, and it has changed the trajectory of my purpose in my life and my leadership.

Mike Harbour, Little Rock, Arkansas

No other process has challenged me to dig deep inside to discover my passion and purpose.  Participating in the Deeper Path cohort has helped me to develop a clear plan of action and the confidence I need to move directly toward my dreams.

Desiree Arney, Burlington, New Jersey

Kary is a remarkable individual that I have had the great pleasure to work with through The Deeper Path Cohort.  Kary is passionate, creative, and has a deep understanding of human behavior.  Kary is extremely engaging and committed to the people he touches.  He pushes hard with compassion so that you realize your God given potential, and for that, I am truly blessed that Kary entered my life when he did!  The Deeper Path Cohort has changed my life so that I can make my dream a reality.

Louise Elliott, Columbus, Ohio

I highly recommend The Deeper Path Coaching Cohort.  As you go through life there are things that you experience that impact your life.  I know when I look back on my life, The Deeper Path Coaching Cohort will be one of the life-changing experiences that I will list at the top.

Alec Broadfoot, Columbus, Ohio

Ideal Deeper Path Audiences and Venues

Our team members have shared this message on 6 different continents to audiences ranging from 16 to 86 year-olds. We’ve taught it to individuals, businesses, organizations, schools, churches, retreat centers, private practices, sports teams, and colleges to name a few. The message integrates perfectly within a variety of venues: seminars, workshops, conferences, intensives, weekly studies, and on-line.

Man or woman, senior or young adult, every person has wrestled with the reality of not knowing his or her purpose. We all need to discover why we were put here on this earth. And once you do…you become a Master in the Art of Living.

A MASTER IN THE ART OF LIVING draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both. —L.P. Jacks

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When people lose their way, it's because they’ve lost their why. Deeper Path Team members fight through this fog by helping others become masters in the art of living—discovering the clarity, competence, and confidence they crave.

Deeper Path Coaches, Speakers, and Trainers Receive:

Worldwide Certification: The ability to speak, coach, and train, any individual or group anywhere in the world utilizing The Deeper Path curriculum, products, and content.

Total Profit: You keep 100% of the proceeds, honorariums, and income you receive from your services.

Daily Support: As a member of author Kary Oberbrunner’s private on-line coaching group, you are encouraged to ask questions about your business and brand. He’ll respond back with tips, tools, and tactics to help you create quantifiable success and significance as a team member.

Video Training: Take a front row seat and we’ll show you exactly how we run our own live events, coaching sessions, and Deeper Path coaching cohorts. You’ll also receive videos of Kary’s keynote speeches. You’re welcome to customize these for your own speaking gigs.

Audio Training: Listen to over one hundred hours of Deeper Path coaching calls, each categorized for an ultimate audio educational experience.

Transformational Resources: Kary gives you the exact same resources he uses when he speaks, trains, and coaches. This includes bumper videos, exercises, object lessons, slides, handouts, workbooks, and leader guides.

Marketing Tools: Digital downloads customizable for your own event.

Promotional Partnership: We list you and your bio on our website. Visitors are encouraged to contact and hire you through your Deeper Path branded email address we provide you.

Global Community: Lifetime access to the Igniting Souls Tribe, our global community committed to each other’s personal and professional success.

Some of our Deeper Path Certified Coaches, Speakers and Trainers

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